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Police en Ligne

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Epaule Brian afin de ne pas se faire choper par les flics car son patron lui a fait dérailler et il est devenu dément et se trouve en haut de l’usine. Pour y arriver tu devras jeter des caissons sur les flics qui se servent des escaliers pour l’atteindre. Dirige-toi avec les flèches gauche et droite, jette les caissons avec la barre d’espace.

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Une réponse à “Police en Ligne”

  1. Vannia dit :

    I think that Mr Keith Geary, needs to look at his own political views and mittvaioons before commenting on other’s political views. And if they are politically motivated, it is because we have views that are not about the privatisation of education, and removing any local accountability from the local community and Council. The self-aggrandizing of a superhead , with the complicit approval of a Board of Governors who purport to act in the interest of the community, deserves to be questioned and challenged. Mr Jack Brown artist in residence at Tidemill School, and a Pro Academy Teacher explicitly said that the financial system were sound-this has been found to wanting in the light of recent developments, and me thinks, about the purely politically inspired comment Mr Keith Geary refers to when talking about the temporary withdrawal by the Board of Governors attempt to make Tidemill an Academy School. And academies are not a political issue? Mr Michael Gove thinks not!, there are political intentions. Big business is looking to get peice of the action! Do we want the Carpet Empire of Harris’ running our schools? I choose to think that there are larger forces at work other than Mr Keith Geary or Mr Mark Elms.I am also intrigued by Mr Keith Geary comment We know what the challenge is against the plans . What are they? In the interest of democracy? Is the new plan about waiting till the furore dies down and rushing it through, and hoping that no one notices?This was supposed to be a straightforward process, as we have had to hear on many occasions from Mr Mark Elms and Mr Keith Geary and their various voice-pieces.And for someone who knows I am perplexed at their inability to add up or at least check that the figures were true.

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