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Police Folle

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Fais en sorte que ces 2 tourtereaux s’amourachent sans gêner la circulation des véhicules. En effet tu devras faire en sorte que cette policière et son jules s’embrassent sans qu’ils ne soient gênés car plusieurs obstacles surviendront. Utilise la souris.

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Une réponse à “Police Folle”

  1. Veera dit :

    I am deeply diebtrusd by Joe Paraskeva’s situation. There is so much that is wrong about this case. Joe being able to get hold of a lighter whilst under a mental health section, with all the bizarre and unjust twists of the judicial system and IPP sentence he has received. He is a young man in desperate need of treatment and mental health support. He is obviously not a criminal and therefore should not be in prison. I think that not only is this very worrying for Joe and his family but for the wider public too, especially as one in four people suffer from some mental health illness during a life time. I believe that Joe should be immediately transferred to a psychiatric unit so he can be cared for properly, receiving the appropriate treatment.

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