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Police Gta

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Voici un jeu inspiré du GTA dans lequel tu devras conduire un véhicule en respectant les conseils et dévaliser les différentes banques en apportant le butin jusqu'à des habitations pour dribbler les flics. Utilise les flèches directionnelles pour te diriger et stoppe toi devant les habitations pour descendre de la voiture. Fais gaffe à la barre des dommages.

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  1. Carlos dit :

    Between July and August, GTA San Andreas? taking into acocnut the store shelves for some experiment gone wrong Bean problem that allows players to use a model known as Hot Coffee to make Carl Johnson (the main character of GTA San Andreas) have sex with his girlfriend. Although no genitals are exposed, you could see the nipples of the girl. Since it got a AO rating, a rating Most shops do not sell (the AO? Equivalent to the rating of the movie X), no one can? pi? buy with the exception of eBay. Rockstar has decided to patch for the change and make it have an M rating so again? people could still buy. Even if they did the right thing, the series of GTA? still a violent game, inappropriate, and ill. It kills old ladies, civilians and policemen. There are a lot of sex, blood and gore, violence, strong language, the sexual themes, drugs and alchohal, and suggestive themes that makes this game even inappropriate, even with the patch. If you have children, keep them away, and I mean really far away from this monster. Even if you have children, do not buy it. No one should be the game of all, your et? ? 71, 13, 9, 43, or 28. This game? and really sick? a monster. It teaches children the opposite of good and evil do. Heck, you probably also teaches adults. So if you are looking for a game for adults to buy games from the Halo series, Doom series, Resident Evil series, or Half Life series. If you’re a teenager, buying games in the series and Daxer Jak, Ratchet and Clank series, Halo series, or series of Socom. If you’re a guy, I recommend the Super Mario games in the series, The Legend of Zelda series, or series of Metroid. Well, that? my opinion. I hope it was helpful to all of you, and for now, Gameing happy!

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