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Police Online

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Hobo est un mendiants qui a pété les plombs car les flics veulent le chasser de sa place habituelle, il donne des coups à tous ceux qu’il voit sur son chemin. Dirige le avec les flèches directionnelles, associe le A et le S pour donner des coups et jeter des éléments.

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  1. Jack dit :

    I’m not at all anti-squatting quite the opposite. I have a few frdiens who squat in empty houses and agree with the principle of empty buildings being used for housing, as community spaces etc. I also think many squatters do a good service by highlighting the issue of empty businesses.It’s also great to see coverage about this issue I work in Shoreditch and haven’t heard about this elsewhere.However it would be even better to hear some views from people other than the squatters is there local support for the squatters? How have they engaged local people? When planning and running events, are they considering what local people want to attend? Or asking them? Or are they just doing what they want to do? It just seems to me that this might be a case of people moving into an area and not really engaging with those living in the area I could be wrong but it’s difficult to tell as the only people we hear from here are the squatters.

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